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Click on the link below for the manual to enter information directly into the web pages of the OneFamily Prevention System:

For those that are importing Prevention data into the OneFamily Prevention system.

Please note that a new version of the FTP manual has been published on June 7, 2006.

OneFamily Prevention Manual

Searchable Index of the Manual


  2006/2007 FTP Manual

Click on the link below for the workbook utilized in trainings by KIT Solutions Training and Customer Support staff:

Click on link below for instructions on how to FTP your files into the KIT Prevention Service (KPS).

OneFamily Prevention Workbook   


How to FTP your file to KIT

Click on the link below for a manual created for contract monitors and district staff to utilize features on the KIT Solutions system to monitor the activities and contracts to organizations providing prevention services and programs to community members:

Click on the link below to decode the error codes you may receive when uploading your files.

Please note: You should also obtain the OneFamily error guide for a complete error guide.

Contract Manager Manual


FTP Error Guide


A new addition to the support site is the "Florida Data Dictionary" which explains all of the data elements collected by the OneFamily Prevention system.


FL Data Dictionary


Click on the link below for the data dictionary regarding PEI Short Forms and Upper Elementary Surveys:

Click on the link below for directions on requesting PEI forms:

PEI Data Dictionary


PEI Online Request Form